Tea Pot Racing Information

Gaslight Steampunk Expo is thrilled to present the ULTIMATE

in Southern California Splendid Tea Pot Racing!

We will be utilizing the New Zealand rules with judging by the amazing Madam Askew and the Grand Arbiter. (Hint: Bribing the judges will be allowed, however, the fastest racer that is within the size limits and successfully navigates all the obstacles, wins.)

The competition will be held on Sunday, October 8th on the Outdoor Stage.

Offical Tea Pot Racing Rules – CLICK HERE

Check out this photo of the Get Kraken racer created by Asp Zelazny, who will be presenting a series about Tea Pot Racing rules, regulations, and how to build your own successful racer.

We are offering, for the first time on this particular astral plane, an opportunity to

obtain an Associate’s Degree under the aegis of
Awry Technical Institute
(A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Fly By Late Afternoon Enterprises TM)

in the glorious art and science of


The unaccredited and potentially scurrilous curriculum

will consist of Four (4) Parts:

Part the First: Splendid Teapot Racing 101
This class will introduce the neophyte to the core content of STR, including
The Roots, The Rules, The Routes, and Rooting for your favoured Racer

Part the Second: Splendid Teapot Racing 202
This class will describe what it takes to become a competitor on the field of honour;
The Vehicle, The Competition, The Pit Crew, Your Dastardly Competitors;
as well as Tips and Tricks with the Bribe, and other Fine Points of Splendifidy

Part the Third: Splendid Teapot Racing 303
Now that you have committed to the sport, and found the perfect abandoned
RC chassis at Goodwill for $5, we will advise you on turning this into a Pristine and
Powerful Competitor for less than $400. (i.e. The Works, and how they work)

Part the Fourth: The STR Practicum
In this final course, You will be given the Opportunity to try your luck on The Field of
Honor, under the Gentle, yet Masterful Hand of The Grand Arbiter Himself.
Test Vehicles will be provided, though if you so wish, You may bring your Personal
Spectacular Creation for a Test Run.

Interested parties may attend any or all courses without charge or pre-registration,
and will receive recognition for successful completion of each (that is, no nodding
off). However, only those stalwarts who can verify that they have attended The
Entire Series will be awarded the Prized Degree upon Completion.


Professor. Asp Zelazny, RoadMaster Associate Professor Corivus De Lan

Madame Askew, Benefactress Extraordinaire
The Grand Arbiter, Arbiter of All That Is Right and Proper


  • Updated: September 8, 2017