Saturday Steampunk Tea

Join our charming special guests

The Grand Arbiter and Madame Askew for

an Afternoon Tea and Conversation!

There is nothing that the Grand Arbiter and Madame Askew adore more than sharing a superlative cup of tea with excellent friends!  As during the heydey of calling cards, afternoon visits, and tea gowns, our afternoon tea is an excuse to discuss every topic of import–from the most charming chapeau to the latest escapades with the Lemon Pirates–while enjoying boundless cups of tea. Much like the light teas served on tea tables in parlours where ladies and gentlemen could meet for 15 minutes or an idle hour of conversation before moving on to the next such engagement, the light repast of savory nibbles is but a small accompaniment to the delightful tea and even more charming company. The Grand Arbiter is certain to share an Askew Tale or two, perhaps he will even expand upon his derring-do against the Agents of Lipton and no doubt but that Madame Askew will expound upon the importance of the right chapeau to go with every teapot.

Madame Askew and The Grand Arbiter are well known advocates for the fine sport of Tea Duelling and proponents for the joys of Splendid Teapot Racing.  These two mavens of the drawing room know not only the finest points of conversation but also the precise angle at which to hold a teacup to best display the cut of a well-tailored waistcoat.The Grand Arbiter’s not so secret super power to fell even the most refined with his prowess at compliments is matched only by his ability to arbitrate any duel on multiple planes of existence and throughout time. He is also a Chaotic demi-god, but one rarely mentions that at a proper tea. Madame Askew, powered by Darjeeling and flirtation, is a mere 137 years old, depending upon how one calculates time travel, and has partnered with the Grand Arbiter to insure that charming people everywhere and when have access to proper teatime.

These two tea aficionadi and their charming interns will be on hand not only as hosts for tea but also to provide answers to any urgent teatime questions, tea trivia, or the ephemera of the various and sundry sports of tea.

  • Tickets for the Saturday Steampunk Tea will be $45 per person and will be available for sale in the Vendor Hall.

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Updated: September 1, 2017